Minneapolis Area Bars

300 Clifton is walking distance to many Minneapolis area bars. No matter what your mood, Foosball or craft cocktails, a bar for you is a short walk from 300 Clifton. Here is a list of some of the most popular bars close to 300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast.

Mortimers great dive bar with Foosball

19 Bar Minneapolis’ oldest gay bar since 1962 neighborhood pool hall feel

Lowry typical restaurant bar

P.S Steak the lounge side has a top rated bar with incredible drinks

LITT Pinball Bar Craft beer, cocktails, hot dogs and pinball. Say no more

Leaning Tower of Pizza a dive bar with surprisingly good food

CC Club a legit dive bar but worth the walk for very cheap drinks

Beyond the beautiful garden of 300 Clifton B&B is nearly unlimited entertainment in downtown Minneapolis

Venture out of the garden oasis of 300 Clifton to explore the bars and nightlife of Minneapolis

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