Free Museums and Tours in Minneapolis

This is a valuable list of what days the pay museums are FREE, and other amazing FREE tours that are offered around Minneapolis. Minneapolis has some of the most important Museums in the region and country, and this is how to see them for free. Also there are many other public and private spaces which offer free tours,and this is how to find them.

The facade of MIA established in 1915 Always free
The Minneapolis Institute of Art was conceived, founded and promulgated in an effort led by Eugene Carpenter of 300 Clifton.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Always Free

The Minneapolis Institute of Art is a huge museum and is the best of all of the Free Museums in Minneapolis, so plan on staying a whole day!

Weisman weird architecture free museum
Always Free, the Weisman on the UofM campus is best known for its unique architecture by Frank Gehry.

Weisman Art Museum

Always Free

The Weisman is a contemporary art Museum on the U of M campus in a stunning building designed by famous architect Frank Gehry. The Weisman is a smaller Contemporary museum, but it is well curated and the collection is very fluid. It is worth the trip just to see the building which is ivy league on one side, and spaceship landed on the banks of the Mississippi on the other side

Bakken Museum

Free on second Saturday of the month

The Bakken Museum is a first class science museum focused primarily on electricity. There are programs and explorations for all ages, but it is especially geared for young adults and preteens. The Bakken museum is in a gorgeous part of town, right on Lake Bde Maka Ska, formerly Lake Calhoun. The museum is in a huge amazing mansion on the lake, donated for the purpose.

Walker Art Center Facade, with special free days
The Walker is in Loring Park and is a premier contemporary Art Museum with everything from digital art to textiles. Ask about their Idea Houses, and the Sculpture Garden is beyond compare

Walker Art Center

Free First Saturdays and Free every Thursday from 5-9

The Walker is a premier contemporary museum and the free nights are fun because it is so busy. It is amazing the one of the top Contemporary Art Museums in the country can be accessed for free. Walker is considered one of the big five, up there with the MOMAs as a world-class art museum. Of course the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is adjacent to the Walker, andis always free every day. There are more than 60 sculptures and installations in the park including the famous Spoonbridge and Cherry.

TMORA Facade
In South Minneapolis,TMORA is a great reuse of an old church. The art looks amazing in the beautiful building

The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA)

Free Third Thursday

TMORA is a highly recommended and well curated museum which is also open on Monday unlike the others! The Museum of Russian Art doesn’t sound fabulous, but it really is. The collection is comprehensive and comparative. You learn and are inspired. The art is moving,especially in the context of Russia’s incredibly tumultuous history.

Bell Museum New Facility
The Bell Museum of Natural History is in a new building and the museum is absolutely incredible and must be experienced

Bell Museum of Natural History

Free on Sundays

The Bell Museum is native of Minneapolis, but recently relocated to a superior facility in St Paul. So it is not really one of the free museums in Minneapolis, but it’s close. The Bell Museum has a planetarium and is a deep dive into the wildlife of Minnesota. The founder’s mansion, the Bell Mansion, is also located next to the sponsor of this resource, 300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast.

Minnesota African American Museum
The Minnesota African American Museum is newer butmis worth seeing. There are plans to build a new facility.

Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery (MAAHMG)

Always Free

MAAHMG is free to get in and also free parking, and they offer a fresh perspective on Minnesota history. It is a heritage museum with interesting historical information, and it is also a gallery, so a lot of the art is for sale. There are items from textiles to books and artwork created by local black artists for sale at the museum.

Hennepin History Museum
Hennepin History Museum is in an old mansion. Yes, Believe it or not, this is the Christian Mansion, and it is opulent inside.

Hennepin History Museum

Always Free

Near MIA, the Hennepin History Museum is predominantly an archives for Hennepin history and they also have fluid displays in the rooms of the mansion. The mansion is worth visiting just for the architecture. What is on display is small, but creatively curated, and fun to explore with the backdrop of the mansion. Hennepin is the County where Minneapolis is located, so this is a history museum for the county.

City Hall Minneapolis Facade Free tour
City Hall is a behemoth building, built in the Richardsonian Romanesque style, and was a celebration of the prosperity Minneapolis was experiencing at the end of the 1800s

Minneapolis City Hall

Always Free, Free Tour 3rd Wednesday – noon in the Rotunda off 4th St

City Hall has impressive architecture and history. You can always do a self guided tour with the brochure at the desk, but a guided tour is given every 3rd Wednesday at noon. City Hall is full of amazing art, including the Father of Waters Sculpture in the Rotunda, stained glass windows, gorgeous lighting and incredible marble throughout.

Lakewood Cemetery Chapel
Lakewood Cemetery holds one of the most significant architectural pieces in the United States. It is a one of a kind Moorish Chapel designed by Harry Wild Jones that could never be duplicated in modern day. A must see.

Lakewood Cemetery

Always Free

The monuments and memorials around Lakewood cemetery are stunning and architecturally significant. See Lakewood Cemetery Chapel, because it is a one of a kind in the nation. The grounds with the reflecting pool by the mausoleum are stunning. There is a brochure you can get, or download which highlights important people buried at Lakewood and where they are located.

Dylan Mural on free art tour
The comprehensive list of Art around the City researched and compiled by the Park Board is invaluable

Park Board’s Public Art Tour

Always Free

This is an incredible way to locate and understand the public art around Minneapolis. This is an outdoor free museums in Minneapolis. There are seven updated maps of the Minneapolis Art Collection Tour. This is an incredible resource because so much of this art is difficult to find and even more difficult to find out about. The Park Board maps can be used as a reference as you move around the city, or can be a free tour guide dedicated to moving from spot to spot.

Basilica Minneapolis
The Basilica in Minneapolis is the most significant piece of architecture in the city. Take the time to visit it and appreciate it inside and out.

Basilica of St. Mary Minneapolis

Always Free

Explore the art and architecture of one of Minneapolis’ most significant buildings. Free tours of the Basilica after the 9:30 and 11:30 mass on Sunday morning, or you can download the brochure here. The brochure is also available in the building before you go into the nave. the artwork and the architecture of the Basilica is mind blowing and was an architectural feat at the time. It is still an architectural wonder.

Lake Street Museum
Lake Street is an incredible blend of cultures which runs from the posh Chain of Lakes all the way across the City through some of the most unique neighborhoods.

Lake St. Museum in the Streets

Always Free

Lake St is a dynamic neighborhood, rich in history. Follow the 60 plaques to learn its history. Like the Park Board art tour, this is one of the outdoor free museums in Minneapolis. The tour is split into three sections with brochures you can find here. Uptown has long been known for its creativity. Once a hippie enclave, Uptown and Lake Street still broadcasts those roots. This is an incredible free tour along one of the most incredible streets in Minneapolis.

Garden At 300 Clifton
Over the last 100 years, 300 Clifton has been the focal point of highlighting what is best about Minneapolis. Stay at the Bed and Breakfast while you tour these Free locations.

300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast

Minneapolis is an incredible city, and in many ways it is the best city in the world. It is our mission at 300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast to share the superlatives of Minneapolis through our Lodging and our Trolley Tours, Minneapolis Trolley Tours.

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