Fun Things to do in Minneapolis for Adults:

1.) Candlelight Ghost Trolley Tour

2.) Haunted Mansion

3.) Dinner down the block

Many things to do in Minneapolis are geared for kids, but what are the fun things to do in Minneapolis for adults? Plan a fun night with your friends or date. And doesn’t have to be a brewery or bar! Here is what to do if you want an incredible night out in the Twin Cities with adults:

Three Things to Do in ONE NIGHT, for the best date night or friends night out:

Take your partner or a group of adults and go to these three spots, for a great night out in the Twin Cities

1.) Take a Candlelight Ghost Tour

Minneapolis MN as it turns out, is full of paranormal activity, so take a Minneapolis Trolley Tour Candlelight Ghost Tour! This is hands down the best thing to do in Minneapolis on a date or with a group of friends, and it is not geared for kids. The tour starts at a haunted mansion! Explore the haunted mansion at the end (more about this fun thing to do later). The trolley is stunningly beautiful and the the narration throughout the drive is incredible. The tour driver is hilarious, but the ghost stories are truly horrifying. It is really an adult activity Minneapolis, and not for the feint of heart!

Every local looking for the best things to do in Minneapolis absolutely must go on a trolley tour. The ghost tours run all year long, and visit about a dozen haunted locations in the Twin Cities. A huge bonus is adding on the Mansion Tour at the end (which is optional). The mansion is 300 Clifton, a bed and breakfast right in the middle of downtown, and that brings us to our next Minneapolis things to do.

Trolley Tours are Great things to do for adults in Minneapolis
Adult activities Minneapolis can go beyond bars and breweries. Take a haunted tour, stay at a haunted house, and eat at one of the top Minneapolis Steakhouses, all without getting in your car.

2.) Stay at a Haunted Mansion: 300 Clifton B&B

Are you looking for something unique to do in Minneapolis? Then you found it! 300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast has Haunted Rooms, a hot tub, a movie room, a huge game room with pinball, and a pool table. Basically it is not like your standard Bed and Breakfast. and that’s why the Minneapolis Trolley starts and stops all of its tours at this fascinating location. Here are two great ways to stay at 300 Clifton:

Deep in the grotto beneath300 Clifton is thee haaunted Cistern
If you are brave, you will explore the Gertrude’s Cistern and Video Lounge deep down below the estate

1- Get a group of adult friends together and rent out the whole carriage house. Now imagine a group of adults in a haunted movie room, hanging out in the lounge, playing pool in the media room, or lounging under the stars in the hot tub. The things to do for adults at 300 Clifton is endless!

2 – Also, the Bed and Breakfast is great for adults who want to get away on a Minneapolis staycation. 300 Clifton is perfect for a couple’s romantic weekend. Check out the incredible amenities at 300 Clifton. You will be surprised at all of the fun things to do in Minneapolis for adults you can do without leaving the huge estate. To see all the crazy amenities are at this mansion Click Here

The incredible estate at 300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast, an incredible date night or group event spot in Minneapolis

4.) Go to P.S. Steak

PS Steak is one block from the Minneapolis Trolley and 300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast. PS Steak is definitely a great thing too do for adults, because it is top ranked steak house. If you want a lighter fare, you can go to the lounge and order whatever you want off of the big menu, but also lighter items on the lounge menu. The drinks at P.S. Steak are top notch.

the finishing touch on a fun night is P.S. Steak,a steakhouse with a mature but fun vibe
Cap the night at P.S Steak one block from 300 Clifton Airbnb. Sit and talk about the ghosts you saw or didn’t quite see. Scooby-Doo is for kids, but Ghost tours and Haunted Mansions are for adults who are not faint of heart.

So this is the trifecta of things to do in Minneapolis for adults. Eat at PS Steak, go on a Minneapolis Trolley Tour, then stay at 300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast. Best date night ever!.

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