Gay Bars Minneapolis

Where to find the Gay bars in Minneapolis. Also, where to Stay, Eat, Shop, and Chill at gay owned spots in Minneapolis. Just toclarify, these are not LGBTQ+ or gay friendly. These are gay owned Minneapolis gay bars and other businesses.

Gay Bars Minneapolis

1st and Oldest Gay Bar: 19 Bar

Opened in1952 the 19 Bar is the OLDEST continually running and gay owned gay bar in the United States. It is well worth making a pilgrimage to the cornerstone bar in the Minneapolis gayborhood. 19 Bar is still old school. No website, cash only. This is their FB page and the address is 19 W 15th St. The bar has pool tables and other bar games and a neighborhood gay bar feel.

Eagle MPLS gay bar

The BEST gay bar for men who want to be around gay men in Minneapolis is the Eagle MPLS. It might be weird to have to say that, but most of the gay bars in Minneapolis have been watered down to “gay friendly bars.” The Eagle MPLS is unabashedly a gay bar. It is not as leathery as other Eagle Bars in the U.S., which is a good thing. It is a perfect size bar with great bartenders who make you feel welcome.

Jetset Underground gay bar

If you are looking for the hip,young twink crowd and young professionals, then Jetset Underground is your bar. Look for the Rainbow flag on the Garland Building to find the spot. There is no website (well it is hilarious, click here) so here it is on google maps . Hours are on Instagram, but not much more. It has limited hours based on their clientele who like to party late. But that’s OK because it is in a stellar neighborhood, the best of any Minneapolis gay bar. Grab something to eat and drink in Northeast while you wait for the twinks to get ready and come out to play. The dancing here is likely the best in the city. A lot of girls glob onto this crowd so avoid this gay bar if you are a purist.

On the Rox

On The Rox Bar is above Roxy’s Cabaret, a nightly drag show. It is only busy before and after the drag shows and the decor could use a little Queer Eye makeover (could talk to Jetset Underground). What makes this place incredible is that this bar is over the only 24hr restaurant in Minneapolis, the Nicollet Diner, as well as the Cabaret. The facility is the most incredible of any gay establishment in Minneapolis and maybe anything else in its class. All Gay Owned. Look for the gigantic spinning stiletto on top of the building. On the Rox is only a gay bar because of its proximity to the drag show and Loring Park.


Lush is Drag queen owned Minneapolis gay bar, so as you can imagine, they have an incredible drag brunch. If you go to the LUSH website the concentration seems to be the shows and events, but it is a great bar even when there are no events going on. Lush has a theater and a lounge. The lounge is the gay bar, however, LUSH is the closest thing to a lesbian bar Minneapolis has, so gay boys be on your best behavior. Lesbians, you can go to the aptly named Black Hart in St.Paul.

Modist Brewing

Modist Brewing feels like you are about to drop in at the local skatepark. The staff, decor, and even the alternative beer is very anti-establishment. The fermentation method they use is unique and technically beyond me, but the resulting beer is really, really good. There is a little bit more about Modist in this blog. This is not a gay bar or a gay brewery in its patronage. However, it is gay owned and incredibly involved and supportive of the gay community.


Saloon once was the premier gay bar in Minneapolis but it does not call itself a gay bar anymore, but a “queer space” and it has that feel. Gay owned, straight managed. Its claim to fame is still the shower nights where go-go boys and amateurs strip down and soap up in the shower, which conveniently happens to be on stage.

Not gay owned, and not a gay bar: Gay 90’s

Stunning facade of Nicollet Diner on Eat Street

Gay Owned Restaurants

Nicollet Diner

The aforementioned Nicollet Diner is the only all day breakfast in Minneapolis that is really all day. The Diner is open 24 hrs and they have other food besides breakfast food. All of the food is a step up from your typical diner fare. It is gay owned after all. Don’t forget to go upstairs to the gay bar, On the Rox.

Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen is employee owned, and my Grindr App tells me that lots of the employees are gay, so it easily makes the list. Hell’s Kitchen is an amazing underground restaurant with hot fiendish decor and a 50 ft Bloody Mary buffet bar. They serve breakfast all day and go all out every day especially on holidays. This is not a Minneapolis gay bar, but it is a good place to run into a bunch of downtown gay bois.

Wise Acre Eatery (and Tangletown Gardens)

Wise Acre is absolutely farm to table at its core. You can get a great sandwich or something from the grill, but you can also go to the deli and get direct from the farm local food. It is across the street from Tangletown Gardens, owned by the same Minneapolis gay couple. Both spots are remarkable, unique and worth a visit.

Dancing Bear Chocolate

Dancing Bear Chocolate sells everything from truffles to pastries,and they are the best deserts in the city. The gay Minneapolis couple started Dancing Bear Chocolate in 2017 and in its current location since 2020.

Cuppa Java

You almost don’t need this guide to gay owned businesses. Usually you can just pick them out as you drive down the street. Cuppa Java will resonate on your gaydar. This is a cute neighborhood coffee shop in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood. It has all of the right decor, conveniences, and amenities thoughtfully executed. Minneapolis gay guys just know how to entertain. Don’t think you are just going for a coffee either. Cuppa Java is part cafe,with sandwiches and wraps too.

On the Minneapolis Trolley

Gay Owned Entertainment

Minneapolis Trolley Tours

Minneapolis Trolley does incredible narrated tours in Minneapolis. The company is owned by a very gay Minneapolis couple who also own a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast, 300 Clifton. The trolley does ghost tours, true crime tours, scenic narrated tours, Fruit Loops to Minneapolis gay bars and more.

Roxy’s Cabaret

The Cabaret has something daily on the drag show docket and it is run by the most experienced drag queens in Minneapolis. Roxy’s Cabaret does brunches, game nights, movie nights, and so much more. It is also in the most incredible facility in Minneapolis combined with On the Rox rooftop gay bar and the 24 hr Nicollet Diner.

Flip Phone Events

Flip Phone is a nationwide gay owned, drag show coordinator with a hub here in Minneapolis. If you go to a Flip Phone drag show it is guaranteed to be fun, creative, first-class. You usually have to go to a straight establishment to see them because Minneapolis gay bars do their drag shows in house.

MartinPatrick3 Sign at Christmas

Gay Shops


MartinPatrick3 Boutique could not have been pulled off by anyone who is not gay. This place is so first class, it is now world renowned. Don’t be intimidated, though. This is the Midwest, not NYC, so the staff are cordial and the place is a must-see in the poshest Minneapolis neighborhood, the North Loop. This is definitely the best men’s boutique in Minneapolis. It is that and so much more. It is huge with clothing, jewelry, gifts, a barber shop and interior furnishings.


Jeromeo in the North Loop is a wellness center that sells essential oils, jewelry and THC edibles. The gay owners are amazing and worth meeting, and their store is beautiful and well curated. Call ahead so you can schedule a massage when you visit.

Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road is in the heart of the Minneapolis gayborhood, Loring Park. If you go to their website you will see that they sell a lot of very gay underwear, but it is also a gay sex shop with all you need in that department too. Toys, dildos, lube, vibrators. They also have the best greeting cards in Minneapolis. It’s within one block of two Minneapolis gay bars, On the Rox and the 19 Bar.

Tangletown Gardens (and Wise Acre Eatery)

Imagine what two gay guys can do with an urban garden center over 20 years. Visit Tangletown Gardens and you will see. This is the premier Minneapolis Garden Center, in a town full of really great garden centers. Grab a sandwich across the street at Wise Acre, owned by the same couple and equally unique.

Gay Men's Chorus

Gay Organizations

Minneapolis Gay Men’s Chorus

In their 5th DECADE, the Gay Men’s Chorus is the longest running in any city and has performed in front of over 200,000 guests. They are spectacular to watch and heartwarming to be a part of.

TCGSL Minneapolis Gay Softball League

TCGSL, the Minneapolis gay softball league is the largest softball league of any kind, in the WORLD! There are over 1000 players in the league of 50 teams. Join and be a part of the TCGSL family, at any skill level. You will see these boys at the gay bars in Minneapolis on both sides of the bar.

GLASS Volleyball

GLASS Gay volleyball is really well organized and tons of fun. The teams are small and intimate which makes it great. There are practice nights that you can go and meet people and formally join a team.

Minneapolis Gay Rodeo

North Star Gay Rodeo is beyond belief. I don’t recommend joining, but you absolutely MUST attend a rodeo. It is mandatory.

Just Pickles Pickleball

Just Pickles. The name says it all. If you don’t like playing pickleball, you will really like watching these pickleball boys. Go for the eye candy.

Stonewall Sports

Are you looking for gay sports with less commitment, like cornhole and pickleball? Go to the Stonewall Sports website and signup. They also do dodge ball, tennis, and more. Kickball is huge and fun. Try it. To run into these boys at the Minneapolis Gay Bars, go by Eagle MPLS where they hang out.

Gay Soccer

Gay Soccer is big in Minneapolis and there are two leagues. TC Jacks has been around for a while and is well organized. If you want to meet those boys at the gay bar, they hang out at the 19 Bar. There is also the Gray Ducks. There are a lot more women in this league (so I don’t know what Minneapolis gay bar to track them down in). Gray Ducks do have all guy teams, as well as coed and all women’s teams.

Gay Bowling

There are a few Minneapolis gay bowling leagues, summarized here. The best one is Rainbow league. They play at Memory Lanes. It’s fun because on league night, they basically turn the bowling alley into a gay bar.

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