This Mansion is the Top Cool Hotel in Minneapolis

Forget Ordinary, Embrace Extraordinary: Why 300 Clifton is the Coolest Hotel in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, the City of Lakes, boasts a vibrant arts scene, delicious bites, and a welcoming Midwestern charm. But if you’re seeking a stay that transcends the typical hotel experience, look no further than 300 Clifton Mansion Bed and Breakfast, a cool hotel in Minneapolis unlike any other. Imagine stepping into a mansion, steeped in history and oozing with personality, where luxury meets whimsical fun. Buckle up, because we’re about to explore why 300 Clifton B&B deserves the crown of coolest hotel in Minneapolis. See how to stay at this mansion.

Step Back in Time, Step into Cool

Picture a Queen Anne-revival mansion, renovated upside down into a Georgian Revival style mansion! It is grand and stately, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This isn’t your average boutique hotel. It’s a carefully restored monument to a bygone era, where antique details whisper stories of the past. Imagine plush furnishings, ornate fireplaces, and stained-glass windows. But fear not, history buffs, this cool hotel doesn’t stay stuck in the past. Modern amenities seamlessly blend in, ensuring a comfortable and connected stay. See how to stay at this mansion.

Great Danes in the 300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast library

Great Danes: Gentle Giants Adding Grandeur to Any Mansion

Imagine a stately mansion, its halls echoing with history and elegance. Now, picture two majestic Great Danes at 300 Clifton Mansion, their sleek forms gliding effortlessly, adding a touch of whimsical charm. These gentle giants aren’t just beautiful companions – they’re the coolest addition to any mansion, here’s why:

Guardians of Grandeur: With their imposing size and regal presence, Great Danes embody the spirit of a grand estate. They become living sculptures, their calm demeanor and unwavering loyalty adding a layer of security and elegance. Imagine them lounging by the fireplace, their heads resting on antique furniture, silently guarding the treasures within.

Meet the Great Danes of 300 Clifton Mansion. They are the coolest dogs in Loring Park.

Adventure Awaits Beyond the Mansion Doors

While the mansion itself is a treasure trove, the coolness extends beyond its walls. Just outside lies Loring Park, a green oasis perfect for strolls or picnics. Loring Park isn’t your average city green space. Forget generic joggers and benches. Here, history buffs swoon over the grand Victorian homes lining its paths, dog lovers socialize with their furry pals in dedicated areas, and art enthusiasts admire sculptures across the street at the Sculpture Garden.

Catch a free summer concert or film screening under the stars, or unwind with a book under the shade of towering trees. Feeling active? Hit the tennis courts, jog the perimeter path, or join a community yoga class. And don’t miss the iconic Loring Park gazebo, perfect for people-watching or spontaneous picnics. It’s a vibrant hub where nature, culture, and community collide, making it one of Minneapolis’ coolest parks, hands down.

Craving culture? Immerse yourself in the world-renowned Walker Art Center or the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA), both within walking distance. And to top it off, indulge in the city’s famed cuisine at PS Steak, a stone’s throw away. See how to stay at this mansion.

Cool Perks for the Curious Traveler:

300 Clifton believes in enriching your stay with unique experiences. Hop on a Minneapolis Trolley Tour, rolling through the city’s vibrant history. Then, unwind in the expansive gardens, soak in the hot tub, or get competitive in the game room with vintage video games and a pinball machine. Feeling spooky? Descend into the haunted basement (if you dare!). Movie buffs can snuggle up in the movie room, complete with popcorn and classic flicks.

Candlelight ghost tour in the haunted basement of 300 Clifton

Ditch the flashlight app, Minneapolis Trolley Tour’s candlelight ghost tour at 300 Clifton Haunted Mansion is where chills meet thrills! Imagine flickering flames illuminating the ornate mansion, shadows dancing across antique furniture, and a captivating guide weaving tales of restless spirits rumored to roam the halls. Goosebumps guaranteed as you descend into the haunted basement, whispers filling the air and the floorboards creaking underfoot. Prepare for ghostly giggles as you explore secret passageways and hidden rooms, each flickering candle casting eerie silhouettes that ignite your imagination. This isn’t your average ghost tour; it’s a spine-tingling adventure through history, mystery, and maybe even a brush with the beyond. So, are you brave enough to face the unknown by candlelight? The mansion awaits…if you dare. Click Here to Check out the Ghost Tours.

Socialize, Relax, and Indulge:

No cool hotel is complete without fostering connections. Mingle with fellow guests at the nightly wine social, sharing stories and laughter over delectable local wines. Need a pick-me-up? Enjoy a delicious breakfast included with your stay, or venture out with a $20 voucher to the iconic Nicollet Diner. And speaking of unique, keep an eye out for the resident pair of ducks and the antique London taxi parked out front – quirky touches that add to the cool vibe. See how to stay at this mansion.

Luxury with a Quirky Twist:

300 Clifton proves that luxury doesn’t have to be stuffy. Here, it’s about feeling pampered while embracing the unexpected. Spacious, individually designed rooms offer plush comfort, while thoughtful details like turndown service and bathrobes add a touch of elegance. Yet, you’ll find board games, vintage books and even secret doors in some rooms.

can you find the secret door

Can you find the Secret Door?

Secret Doors: Where Imagination Meets Cool

Forget smartphones, forget spaceships – secret doors reign supreme in the realm of cool inventions. Why? Because they unlock a world of intrigue, possibility, and pure childlike wonder. Imagine:

Hidden passageways leading to forgotten rooms, treasure troves, or even escape routes – a medieval castle come to life!
Speakeasies disguised behind bookcases, whisking you into a world of hushed conversations and clandestine cocktails.
Surprise game rooms revealed by a hidden panel, transforming the mansion into an instant entertainment haven.

Secret doors tap into our deepest desires for adventure, mystery, and a touch of the fantastical. They break the mundane, igniting our imaginations and reminding us that the world holds hidden corners waiting to be discovered. So next time you see a blank wall, remember the magic that could lie beyond…just waiting for a push on the right brick. Now that’s cool. See how to stay at this mansion.

Beyond Cool, It’s an Experience:

300 Clifton isn’t just a hotel, it’s an experience. It’s stepping into a storybook, where history whispers, luxury embraces you, and unexpected delights lurk around every corner. It’s perfect for couples seeking a romantic getaway, friends craving a unique adventure, or solo travelers embracing their individuality. So, ditch the cookie-cutter chains and discover a cool hotel that truly lives up to its name. 300 Clifton awaits, ready to redefine your expectations and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. See how to stay at this mansion.

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