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Are you a fan of the Antiques Roadshow? Or do you already visit the cities for all the best antique stores Minnesota has to offer? Wondering where to stay when you’re traveling with a goal to salvage as much as you can for your home? Unlike the abundant amount of antique stores, Minnesota has only one 300 Clifton!

300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast
300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast

If you get the chance to travel to Minneapolis for antique stores stay at 300 Clifton! This unique bed and breakfast is located in a beautiful historic mansion. The mansion itself is on the National Register of Historic places and decorated with antique and original furniture, lighting and paintings dating all the way back to 1906. Around that time the house itself was owned by Eugene Carpenter, who was the founder of the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Eugene J Carpenter owner of the premier Mansion in Minneapolis Minnesota
Eugene Carpenter

No room is like the next in this mansion. Stay in the room called the Hayloft and start your search for every Antique mall you can find, on a desk that used to be a giant horse stall door. Stay in the Georgian room and store your clothes and some of your findings in a wardrobe built by JW Davis. Or search for the best antique stores on a desk with an old mafia bullet hole in the Something Special room! Each room, each antique has its own unique and cool story. As your searching for the perfect antiques stores, Minnesota has remember like the house, no one store comes close to being alike another.

Check out these amazing Antique Stores, Minnesota has so many cool ones!

Minnesota has a large population of people that take pride in salvaging and maintaining beautiful pieces from the past. Its a wonderful way humans can connect with their ancestors and its also a sustainable practice. Antiquing, salvaging and searching for goods at estate sales has never been more popular or easy to do. There are so many affordable antique stores, Minnesota is lucky to have.

Visit Antiques Bel Air!

This upscale antique shop is in walking distance from 300 Clifton(another excuse to stay there), located in the Lowry Hill Area. It is highly recommended that you stop here first on your tour of antique stores Minnesota has to offer. Its a very small shop because the owners are very selective about the dealers they work with, so they can display some of the finest antiques the area has to offer. They are good at rotating dealers and items so there is always new, but rare finds in the shop.

Antiques Bel Air

Tiffany, Baccarat, Minton, Ellis Barker are just some of the iconic brands you can find when you stop in the store. The items are high quality and the store itself a beloved fixture among Twin Cities antique stores. Minneapolis residents are often quick to name it as “The best antique store in the Twin Cities.” The staff is kind and knowledgeable as well! Maybe they’ll even tell you a story. They are open Wednesday through Sunday 11-4.

Antiques Bel Air corner
The coziest corner for an antique store

Visit Findfurnish!

This NE Antique shop is a must see! It has some really cool finds to check out. The variety offered is incredible from out of print magazines to shiny vinyl furniture and everything in-between. Want a sneak peak of what you can find there? Check out their stores’ virtual gallery! The staff is highly rated for being kind and helpful. Find something too big to carry home yourself? This store also offers delivery as well! They are closed Monday and Tuesday, with hours from 8:30am to 10:30pm Wednesday-Friday, 10-6 Saturday and 12:00-5:00 on Sunday.

Find Furnish Storefront

Visit Lightworks!

Are you in the twin cities specifically for antique light fixtures? Check out Lightworks Lighting. This company not only sells unique antique lamps and light fixtures but they also salvage antique lighting. So if you’ve found an old piece you’re in love with but needs some TLC, the answer is oh so simple. Take it to them! In fact they are one of the few antique stores Minnesota has that is also a UL repair shop! This company strives to use environmentally safe practices whenever they can. They are highly rated for their speedy repairs and excellent service. They are open 10-5 Tuesday through Saturday!

Light fixture

Visit Loft Antiques!

You will not want to miss this women owned spot! This store was started by 5 friends whose daughters now operate the shop! Their space is over 4,000 square feet (that’s three floors) of absolute treasures. Their motto is “Let the past inspire the present” and as the shop is highly rated for its customer service, quality of goods and overall atmosphere: it sure does! You can see all the fun stuff they have in store on their Instagram page as well! It is open 11-5 Monday through Sunday!

Corner in the loft antiques

Clarabel Vintage and Antique Store

This store is right next to Loft Antiques. Of all the antique stores, Minnesota has this ones Instagram is probably the cutest! It features the owners pink tailed Shih Tzu: Lulu who makes a great mascot. This store is really a lovely shop to walk through. There is a lot of floral detailing in the pieces you’ll find there. That being said there is a wide variety of other things to look at as well from bookshelves, lighting, work benches, crystal, and much much more. Their store is also open to all that want to sell their antiques as well, if you’re in the market to declutter here is that link to that application. The shop is closed Monday and Tuesday, With their Wednesday hours being 12-5 pm, Thursday hours being 12-4pm, Friday and Saturday 11-5 and Sunday hours being 12-5.

Shih Tzu in a tiara
Lulu, the store’s unofficial mascot

Visit Indigo!

This store specializes in artifacts from Asia, Africa and the Pacific. This store has been running since 1979! You can find hand crafted toys, fabrics, indigenous masks, books, furniture and so much more. Click through their gallery! The store is jam packed with interesting and beautiful antiques. Customers love their Silver and Sterling pieces! The owners are highly rated for their service and ability to pair items to their customers. They are open Wednesday through Saturday 12:00-5 and closed Monday, Tuesday and Sunday.


Visit Hunt and Gather

This may be one the strangest antique stores. Minneapolis residents flock to it and tell their friends about it! You may not be able to find exactly what you’re looking for because the store is very unpredictable but it is quite a fun store to walk through. Out of all the antique stores Minnesota has, this one might have the best playlist to peruse to. It sounds like a fun old radio station! They have two levels crammed full of antiques and vintage items. It is such a colorful spot! Check out their Instagram to get an idea of what you could find in the store! They have so many cool things tiny frames, pop punk posters, odd and fun art from another time, antique furniture-the list goes on and on! They are open 7 days a week from 10:00-6:00pm.

 Hunt and Gather corner

Visit Pink Elephant Vintage and Antiques!

The Pink Elephant Vintage and Antiques is a local favorite in Hopkins, Minnesota! Beloved by local patrons, the staff and the owners are attentive and kind. They have over 40 vendors in store with prices for quality antiques that don’t break the bank! Its open 7 days a week from 12-5pm. They have items that can be dated back all the way to the 1800s! They also sell Northern Soda Company Soda’s which is a delicious drink to have while antiquing your hearts out.

Storefront Pink Elephant vintage and antiques

Visit Midtown Antique Mall!

Travel over to Stillwater! You won’t forget the antique stores, Stillwater has to shop at. The Midtown Antique Mall is the Midwest’s largest antique mall. Folks travel from all over the midwest to visit this iconic place. They have three floors and over a million items.

Walking through this store is an incredible adventure cause you really never know what you could find. It is highly suggested you plan on spending a few hours to a full day among their millions of items you can find art, clothing, furniture, coins, antique lighting, records, you name it! Their collection of antique tools is gigantic! You could find almost anything you could want for your home. They are open 7 days a week, 10-5 Monday through Thursday, 10:-7 Friday and Saturday and 11-6 on Sunday. Starting in June they extend their hours to be 10-6 Monday through Thursday and 10-8 Friday and Saturday with the same hours on Sunday.

Logo for Midtown antique mall

Staples Mill Antiques!

As far as unusual antique stores Stillwater has to offer Staples Mill Antiques‘ design is quite unique. It is operated out of a old sawmill. How cool is it that you get to shop for antiques in a antique building. This store is definitely a hidden gem, but since the building is older it is not as accessible as other spots, there are ramps in the building but they are still difficult to maneuver. The store has several floors and plenty of interesting and unique goods! Staples Mill Antique store is open 7 days a week, from 10:00pm-6:00pm.

Staples Mill antiques poster

Visit SuLaine’s Antique Mall!

This antique mall is a local favorite in Detroit Lakes. This antique mall was started in 2003 and over the last 10 years it has created an impressive community of antique dealers. It has since expanded their space to be over 4 times its original size. They are highly rated for their service. Their biggest complaint is that their store can get crowded later in the week. Which comes as no surprise with their rotating amount of antique merchandise. It is highly suggested you spend at least a hour or more there.

Sulaine's antique mall storefront

Now that you know where you’re going- Make your home base 300 Clifton

300 Clifton is the perfect place to stay while you explore antique stores. Minnesota has so many, so make yourself at home and plan to stay a few nights. The area this Bed and Breakfast is in also is rich with history. Take a trolley ride on an old Trolley car the owners fixed up themselves and learn about the history of the area and the house! If you need a break from antiquing you could visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, which is full of fun artifacts. After you finish your visit to the MIA feel free to peak at this list of other incredible and free museums you can check out! Its also fairly close to several incredible restaurants and bars. Check out this itinerary for a fun guide of this rich area! Start and end your antique scavenging with 300 Clifton, you won’t regret it!

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