Have a Mafia Wives Weekend

Plan a mafia wives girls weekend, dress up and go out on the town. Here’s how:

4 Steps To the perfect Mafia Wives Weekend

  1. Dress the part, with the Mafia Wife Aesthetic. See below for tips on what to wear and where to find it
  2. Book rooms at a really cool mansion like 300 Clifton. Mansions churn out the best pictures for Instagram
  3. Got to a slightly fancy restaurant. Pick a restaurant like Lurcat in Minneapolis, where people will also be dressed up, but having fun with their new mafia wife friends and not stuffy. Don’t go too fancy or too laid back. Yes to white tablecloths. No to multi course gourmet.
  4. Go to a Speakeasy like Volstead’s Emporium, Prohibition Bar or here are the Top 5 Speakeasies in Minneapolis. The staff and other patrons will appreciate the effort you have put in, and you will get great pictures.
Mafia Wife aesthetic furs and glasses

What do mafia wives wear?

Mob wives like flashy, like their counterparts mafia men but more so. Wear big earrings and lots of gold jewelry, plus revealing bosomy dresses. Dresses only. Animal print like tiger stripe or cheetah is perfect, and always the fur. Fur is mandatory in the mafia wife wardrobe. Top it off with some great big sunglasses. Hats are a great aesthetic too. If you decide to wear a hat, only wide brimmed ones that are great at covering your face from security cameras. Remember that mafia dress style is form fitting and revealing dresses showing both legs and or bosom, with layers of texture above.

Perfect mafia wife aesthetic with leopard print

Here is the Mafia Wife Aesthetic Checklist:

  • Form-fitting low cut dress (mandatory) that can be full length or also very revealing
  • Pants – the only exception to the tight dress are leather pants
  • A cover like a shawl or a fur coat
  • Big sunglasses
  • Wide brimmed hat
  • Lots of gold jewelry
  • Makeup – Lots of Mascara and Red lipstick
Mafia wives aesthetic coordination

How to Coordinate with Your Other Mafia Wives

Mafia wives wear black, but if everyone in your group wears black it looks like a funeral. Make sure that black is the base and layer flamboyance on top of it. Go shopping together with the other mafia wives so that the outfit stays with the theme but compete with each other in gaudy flashiness.

Mafia wife Aesthetic tight fitting dress

Mafia Dress Style Sources- Where To Find It

The form fitting dress might have to come from your own wardrobe, but if you don’t have one, don’t spend a lot on a new one. Everything you need for the mafia aesthetic can be found at a vintage store like Ragsock, or a secondhand store like Goodwill or Savers. Remember to get cheap gaudy bracelets and earrings. Not so much in the necklace category.Keep the bling on the peripheries. Try to find a nice oversized gold belt too.

Mob wives pic

Mafia Wife Rules

Remember that when dressing like a mafia wife, you also have to act like a mafia wife. Your friends are other mafia wives, but most of them are from arranged marriages, so they are not your real friends. You are always in competition with the other mafia wives and you play out that competition in what you wear. Mafia wives are very cliquey. The only people mafia wives can hang out with, are other mafia wives.

mafia wife by the stairs

Book at 300 Clifton for an Amazing Mafia Wife Weekend

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