300 Clifton

Historic Mansion & Gardens | Recognized on the National Register of Historic Places

Themed Hotel Near the Mall of America

When you go to the Mall of America, you are looking for an adventure. From a local, read on, and we can make your adventure astounding with these 8 local tricks and secrets about the Mall of America. Also, we will highlight the best themed hotel near the Mall of America to make your visit to Minneapolis incredible.

Huge Indoor Amusement Park also themed like the hotel
Nickelodeon Universe is a huge themed amusement park in the middle of Mall of America. The stores circle around and overlook the amusement park from every angle.

Fact: Mall of America is NOT in Minneapolis!

Don’t miss Minneapolis when you visit the Mall! Mall of America, also called MOA, is in Bloomington, a suburb of Minneapolis about 30 minutes from downtown. If you stay in a hotel out in the burbs you miss the most Magical city in the Midwest: Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Skyline
Minneapolis is a gorgeous city from every angle. Not only the skyline, but the streets, the people, and the sights.

Solution: Stay at the most Exotic Mansion Hotel in Minnesota: 300 Clifton

Stay in the City of Minneapolis at the famous Mansion at 300 Clifton. There is no better lodging in Minneapolis. Smack dab in the middle of the most gorgeous city in the Midwest, is this garden oasis hotel on Minneapolis Mansion Row. Walk from the mansion into downtown, or explore the mansion itself. Check out what is inside this wonderful Boutique Hotel:

Garden At 300 Clifton
300 Clifton is in the heart of Downtown Minneapolis, and it is surreal to imagine that garden flowers in this urban oasis are over 100 years old!

Amazing Uniqueness and Fun at the Mansion Hotel!

media room with pool table, stand up video game console, pinball, and an antique car

Play Billiards in a legit Man Cave, complete with an authentic London Taxi. Can you imagine that there is a huge historic mansion themed hotel near the Mall of America!

Lights and sounds of a vintage pinball machine

Pinball! Become a Pinball Junkie with the authentic retro pinball machine from the 1970’s. This antique classic will remind you why the world is still in love with pinball 50 years later!

Themed Room has vintage stand up video game arcade

Video Games! Go way back to the 1980’s. This themed room has retro entertainment! Play 61 different Arcade games on the vintage stand up arcade machine. All of your favorites like Pac-Man, Galaga, and Frogger are there to try to master.

Trolley leaving the themed hotel

Minneapolis Trolley!! Board the Minneapolis Trolley directly at the mansion Hotel. Ride off to explore the City, on a Ghost Tour, or simply on a scenic breakfast loop. No other themed hotel near the Mall of America has a trolley!

Video Lounge! Relax in the Video Lounge, in state-of-the-art heated, massaging, and reclining stadium seating. No better way to watch a show or a movie!

Gertrudes Cistern in the Haunted Theme Basement

Haunter Basement! You might innocently arrive for a drink, pizza or some popcorn, but are you brave enough to stay in the haunted basement of the themed hotel?

beautiful secret garden with the hot tub open year round

Hot Tub! After walking around the Mall of America, massage your feet and the back with scores of adjustable jets. The hot tub is available year round in any weather.

Great Danes in the 300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast library

Great Danes wander the mansion at 300 Clifton. See them in the gardens or the formal rooms. They are huge, but they are gentle and lazy.

The gardens at the themed mansion hotel

The Gardens! Relax in the ever peaceful English Water Gardens. Feed the resident ducks and koi and relax on the veranda. This is one of the most spectacular experiences in Minneapolis.

Pancakes and sausage at the Lowry

Free Breakfast!

Nicollet Diner – Enjoy a free breakfast voucher to use at the nearby Nicollet Diner. The Nicollet Diner is an amazing Diner attached to a cabaret and a rooftop bar. It has the best breakfast in Minneapolis and is the only 24hr restaurant in the Twin Cities.

How About the Themed Rooms at the Mansion?

Sleep  in a wagon bed in a hayloft themed room

The Hayloft! You can sleep in a wagon in this hayloft themed hotel room. With amazing view out over the estate, the Hayloft is rugged and authentic. Also, click here to see more pictures of this room.

Room themed like a Blacksmith's Forge

Blacksmith’s Forge! You have to go through a secret door to find this incredible room which occupies the old Blacksmith’s Forge. The sink is the old forge, and the anvil is your coffee table. Step over the fish swimming below you in the floor and walk out into your own private garden. Click here for more pics of the forge.

Lap of Luxury in the Georgian Room Boutique Hotel

Luxurious Rooms! Not looking for rustic themed rooms? How about an opulent room in the mansion Sit in the lap of luxury in the Georgian themed room. Also, here are more pics of this incredible room.

The opulent drawing Room in the mansion themed boutique hotel bed and breakfast

Gorgeous Spaces! Explore the countless rooms in the luxurious mansion, but don’t get lost down a secret passageway or stumble through one of the 5 secret doors! Scooby-Doo!!

Fun in the City of Minneapolis!

Ghost tour on Minneapolis trolley tours

Ghost Tour of Minneapolis! You already know you can get on a trolley at the mansion. Board the trolley at night for the famous Minneapolis Candlelight Ghost Tour! At night the trolley turns into a Haunter Terror Trolley!

Polar Bear at Como Park near the hotel near Mall of America

Free Zoo: The Twin Cities has a Free Zoo and Conservatory with a huge park. The Como Park Zoo is open every single day of the year, even Christmas and it is always FREE! There are plenty of indoor and outdoor areas, including a huge conservatory!

exploded mill near the Mall of America

Mill City Museum! Go to an EXPLODED Mill Museum, right on the Mississippi River. There are stunning views and scary heights in this remarkable interactive museum.

Bakken Museum facade

Bakken Museum! Have kids? They will love the Bakken Museum. Why? Because the Bakken Museum is a science museum about ELECTRICITY! There are so many incredibly interactive experiments. Kids of all ages will dig it.

Secrets of the Mall of America

Light Rail from the hotel to the Mall of America

Secret #1

Light Rail Train to the Mall! Want a fun ride on a train to the Mall of America? Most people don’t know that the Light Rail drops off right inside the Mall of America! You can even get right to the airport on the light rail train too. All 5 of the Downtown Minneapolis stops have a light rail come by every 10 minutes. The themed hotel near the Mall of America, is only a walk in the park away from the Light Rail stop!

Magic Kingdom  at Disney Orlando

Secret #2

Size! 40 Million People visit the Mall of America every year! And, it is the biggest attraction in the entire world. That is twice as many people as go to The Magic Kingdom every year at Walt DIsney World. That is way more than the whole population of Canada! Holy Moley! Have fun!

Inside the Mall of America and its hundreds of stores

Secret #3

WHOA!!! There are over 500 stores and 50 Restaurants at the Mall of America. That is 4.3 miles of store front at this amazing mall. So that is 64 acres. But they are not all stores. There are so many experiences at the Mall of America like Legoland Lego Store, Escape Room, Blacklight Mini Golf, Crayola Experience, and so many more.

Shark Tank at the Mall of America near the hotel

Secret #4

Sea Life! This is an absolute, absolute MUST SEE! This huge aquarium complex is under the Mall of America. You can travel through a tube as long as a football field under a million gallon aquarium full of sharks! Also, there are touch tanks and wave tanks, freshwater and saltwater. Best of all, they even have an amazing octopus! Click Here For Sure!

Near the hotel is Nickelodeon Universe at MOA

Secret #5

Nickelodeon Universe has 24 rides, but it also has more than 500 trees, and thousands of other plants! The temperature is always a perfect 70 degrees, so you feel like you are in an outdoor park any season of the year.

Baseball chair on the wall

Secret #6

Can you find the red chair? The Mall of America is built on the old Minnesota Twins Stadium. As a tribute to Killebrew the chair marking the furthest homer in the stadium is still in the exact same place

Can you find home plate? If you walk around Nickelodeon Universe you might be able to find home plate, still in the ground at the location of the old stadium.

Shoes at the Mall of  Americca

Secret #7

No Tax! At the Mall of America you get to save money because there is no tax on shoes and all clothes!

MOA App, so  you can find your way back and forth to the Themed hotel near the Mall of America

Secret #8

Get the App! This helps so much! There are really great interactive kiosks all around, but having it on your phone is way better. The app also tells you events, and deals that are going on at the Mall.


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