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Best Breakfast in Minneapolis

As a Bed and Breakfast, we know the great breakfast spots in Minneapolis. Here are the 3 best breakfast spots in or around the 55402 area code in downtown Minneapolis. If you are staying anywhere in Downtown Minneapolis you will be able to walk to these breakfast spots, but we hope that you stay at 300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast, which also runs a Trolley to the #1 breakfast spot in Minneapolis.

#1 (of 3) Best Breakfast in Minneapolis: Nicollet Diner

Food at the Nicollet Diner

So many things make Nicollet Diner great. Start with the food. Nicollet Diner has a huge breakfast menu. As a southerner, I love the Biscuits and Gravy, and believe it or not, they even have grits this far North. They are good. The All American Breakfast is perfect if you don’t want to think too much, but you want a lot of really good breakfast food. You can also get alcohol at the Nicollet Diner, and their bar opens at 8 am. This is very convenient if you had too much to drink the night before and need a mimosa or a Bloody Mary.

Pancakes at the Diner


Nicollet Diner serves breakfast all day and is the only 24 hr restaurant in Minneapolis

Location of Nicollet Diner

Having the best breakfast in Minneapolis is more than just the food. The location is great, right at the South end of Nicollet Mall. The address is 1333 Nicollet Mall. Nicollet Diner is open 24 hrs and it is the only all day breakfast Minneapolis. For food near the Minneapolis Convention Center, this is the go to. When you see the Diner, it will blow your mind, because it is in the same building as Roxy’s cabaret a nightly drag show. Also, above the diner is On the Rox bar. Nicollet Diner is attached to the Millennium Hotel and across the street from Hyatt Regency.

Stunning facade of Nicollet Diner on Eat Street


Eat Street is two blocks East of 300 Clifton, and the Nicollet Diner is the dazzling new addition to 2 mile stretch of cool restaurants.

Minneapolis Trolley to Nicollet Diner

Make it a morning event! Take the Minneapolis Trolley to breakfast at the Nicollet Diner on Saturday and Sunday Mornings. The trolley starts at the 300 Clifton mansion where there is easy parking, does a quick scenic tour around the Lake of the Isles and then drops off and picks up at the Nicollet Diner to end at 300 Clifton guesthouse. Also, breakfast at the Diner is included in the trolley ride. So get the best breakfast in Minneapolis and take aa relaxing tour as a bonus. Book your Breakfast Trolley here.

The MInneapolis Trolley leaves the gates at 300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast


The Minneapolis Trolley is a great way to enjoy Minneapolis. The trolley tours begin and end at 300 Clifton B&B.

#2 (of 3) Best Breakfast in Minneapolis: Hen House Eatery

Hen House has such incredible breakfast. It is an original menu, not just the normal stuff. For instance my favorite is the carnitas hash. There is a little bit of a Spanish influence in the menu. One of the owners is from Spain. Also, the owners concentrate on farm to table ingredients, and you can tell in the offerings, and the taste. The founding of the restaurant has a great story which is told here in this MSP online blog.

Hen House selections


The Hen House Eatery has phenomenal food, locally sourced, locally owned.

Hen House Eatery Location

I love the huge breakfast bar, that is essential for a great breakfast spot. Hen House has all day breakfast Minneapolis, but it is only open for breakfast and lunch hours. It closes at 2pm on the weekends and 3 pm on the weekdays. Their Facebook Page is updated regularly with specials and photos of food from their huge menu.  For breakfast downtown Minneapolis it really is the spot right downtown. For instance, if you are going to a Twins Game or a Vikings game, it is an easy walk to the Hen House right in the middle of downtown at 114 S 8th Street. Also, the perfect Minneapolis Airbnb close by is Oaklands on 9th.

#3 Best Breakfast in Minneapolis: The Lowry

Minneapolis breakfast spots are competitive, but third place goes to The Lowry and it is especially because of their Eggs Benedict. Hands down the best eggs Benedict I have ever tasted. It has a little spice and incredibly deep flavor. Try it if you go to the Lowry. It’s funny because the Lowry has a morning Happy Hour from 8-10. It is busier than you might imagine. The menu is complete because it is open all day. If you want a great snapshot of all of the pertinent information, this is a great summary here. Steak and pierogies is my fav at lunch or dinner.

Pancakes and sausage at the Lowry


The Lowry has a lot going for it and it is not just the incredible food.
The Lowry also has free parking and a morning Happy Hour

The Lowry is a Blue Plate Restaurant which is a premier restaurant brand in Minneapolis. The other incredible part about the Lowry is the free parking. No other breakfast in downtown Minneapolis is this convenient. That is, unless you take the Minneapolis Trolley to the Nicollet Diner, then parking is free too. The Lowry is an all day restaurant and it has a really great outdoor patio. It is close to the Walker and the Sculpture Garden. Try out the Lowry for a top breakfast in MInneapolis MN.

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