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Top 3 Breweries in Minneapolis

Are you a big beer guy? I know just the place for your next vacation, or dare I say it Minnesotans: A STAYCATION. Have you heard of 300 Clifton? In my humble, beer guzzling opinion it is the perfect destination to visit the breweries Minneapolis has to offer. Its quiet and quaint even though 300 Clifton is located in the heart of Loring Park. For the few non-beer enthused, you can also point them in the direction of The Walker Art Center, which is a block away from the bed and breakfast. From every direction you venture from this local hidden gem and Minneapolis bed and breakfast, you will be able to experience both the best breweries in Minneapolis and the finest restaurants and local dives. Let’s talk about a few of the best breweries in Minneapolis, and which one I as a beer guzzler think is the best.

Taproom at Sisyphus Brewing
Enjoy the atmosphere at Sisyphus Brewing

Sisyphus Brewing!

The Atmosphere

Sisyphus brewing! A spot so close to 300 Clifton you could walk to it. It has indoor and outdoor seating (starting in the spring, yes I’m talking to you native minnesotans).  This cozy spot is both family friendly while still giving you a slight dive bar aesthetic maybe you’re missing from your more  youthful days, with plenty of arcade games, board games, shuffleboard, mood lighting and plenty of comedy shows to keep you coming back, it’s not called a brewery comedy club for no reason. They’ve got comedy shows with both local and out of town talent, family friendly shows and even comedy open mics and contests. You can always check out the fun and unique offerings on their website.

The Beer

At Sisyphus, the beer is just as whimsical as the comedy club itself. Some honorable mentions include the Cake Beer (an imperial stout) with ancho chiles, cocoa nibs, vanilla and cinnamon, Scoopshoot IPA, which has pineapple and vanilla, Neverlasting Gobstopper( an apricot sour), and my personal  favorite is out of season right now, but nothing beats the Banana Boss a beer so yeasty, it gives off a banana taste without being brewed with any bananas. The one bummer at this local Minneapolis brewery is the food situation, they have plenty of local delicious snack offerings, but if you’re interested in a meal you’ll have to order delivery. 

Modist in the North Loop near 300 Clifton Bed and Breakfast
Modist is just as unique and wonderful as the entire North Loop neighborhood. Worth a visit!

Modist Brewing!

Modist Brewing! This spot is slightly farther away from 300 Clifton at around a mile an a half, but its a gorgeous walk in the summer. Its in North Loop which has some of Minneapolis best local eats and other fabulous breweries. The North Loop is an incredible, vibrant neighborhood and is a great reason to visit Modist Brewing.


             Modist also has indoor and outdoor seating. Their taproom is vast and covered in local art. At Modist their slogan “we make alternative drinks” really rings true for both the space and the drinks. Walking into this brewery is like walking into a Midwest cyber disco with amazing beer. Modist is both kid friendly and dog friendly, but i would be wary of spending a ton of time there with kids with hypersensitivity issues. Music at Modist is always (really, really good) but always loud enough where shouting to hear people is a common occurrence. They have a variety of activities you could stumble onto: comedy shows, drag shows, live music, trivia and karaoke.

The Beer

The beer is incredible. It puts a whole new meaning to craft brewing. If you haven’t tried it and consider yourself a craft beer fanatic, here’s the truth, you’re not. Some favorites of mine include Dreamyard (a New England IPA which they also carry a double dry hopped version now), Invisible  Strings ( Strawberry Rhubarb Lager), and their Sea Salt Lime Supra deluxe. They also have a rotating seltzer and THC drinks for the non beer drinkers. There is a beer for every type of beer drinker here. 

The Food

They partner with the local donut shop Donut Trap to have a donut vending machine which hits the spot after a brewskis or two. Modist provides a space outside for a food truck on certain days which is why it is good to follow them on instagram or look them up on their website so you know when they’re offering what. I’ll tell you one thing: if  it’s outside Modist Brewing, the grub is good! 

Surly Brewing busy and huge
Surly Brewing is famous, for good reason, and huge, also for good reason: it’s really popular.

Surly Brewing!

Minneapolis Surly Brewing Company! When we talk about Minnesota beer we have to talk about Surly brewing, Minneapolis ! It might even be the law! I don’t know if I’ve ever walked into a bar in Minnesota and they didn’t offer the Surly Furious IPA.  Its delicious and I like knowing its there. Surly brewing Minneapolis  is a pretty incredible venue that includes a beer hall, beer garden and Surly Pizza.

Surly Food

That’s right, it’s got two different restaurants in house. Which means  (beer dads’ I’m talking to you)  no ones throwing a fit when you’re at Surly due to not having what they want. The Beer Hall food menu ranges from Philly Cheese steaks and Cheese boards to Tacos and Farro Bowls. They also just started a breakfast menu on Saturdays and sundays.  Surly Pizza  is delicious. Don’t let it take your breath away as you smell it when you’re walking up the stairs. Pizza at Surly is New Haven style and incredible. They use their house brewers yeast to create the most mouth water crust you’ll ever have. The food is incredible and so is the ambience.


The bonfires in the beer garden keep it a friendly place for people to sit outside year round which we love in  our MN breweries. Its a good space for both your kids and your dogs! I already mentioned one of my favorite beers Surly offers: The Surly Furious, I also enjoy the Grapefruit Supreme (tart ale with grapefruit) and the Surly Oktoberfest which is my highlight of the season. Surly beer is both whispered and talked about all over our state. 

Do we have a winner?

Thank you for chatting with me as we talked through some of the best breweries in Minneapolis. I can’t decide, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t? In these spots you will experience both the best beer and food you’ll have at any breweries MN has to offer. The staff is always incredible at these breweries. Since you shouldn’t be driving home you can always come stay with us at 300 Clifton, your Minneapolis bed and breakfast that could be your home for a night or two or three. The beds are cozy and there is coffee and tea provided in the morning to greet you and your family before you head home or out to another brewery. Book directly with us to save the fees at MInneapolis Airbnb or Minneapolis VRBO.

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